New 2018 HCAHPS Survey is Currently Under Review

Hospital administrators and nurses will be rejoicing this new year. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has become tired of getting complaints about health care. So starting January 1st, 2018 the AHRQ or Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has greatly simplified the HCAHPS Survey for the new year. Previously a ridiculously long 25 question form has been significantly reduced to just one question. Meanwhile White House officials are applauding the CMS and AHRQ for their genius.

One White House Official said,

“I never realized how easy it would be to propel United States healthcare to the top of the list of  the bests place to receive health care on the planet!”

The CMS stated in a news release that,

“It just hit us in the head, like some kind of wobbly IV pole. We have been asking the wrong questions since 2002.”

HCAHPS Survey Scores and Reimbursement

During 2015 hospitals stood to gain or lose up to 1.5% of their Medicare reimbursement based off of HCAHPS survey scores. In 2017 this was increased to a whopping 2%.

One hospital administrator we spoke to locally said that he and his office staff had already made plans to spend the extra income on new offices chairs in the human resources department as well as nicer pens for the office supply cabinet.

In addition he said that nurses would not be left out of all this extra money and would allow all nursing staff to throw pot luck parties and would be making a $5.00 donation in their name directly to the hospital.


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