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    So a patient recently made a DNR who has a hospice consult that had not yet been completed goes into respiratory distress in the middle of the night. Spo2 drops to 74% gets place on a non-rebreather and only gets up to 81%. Patient was sat up and suction was attempted NTS and oral to no avail. No family is at bedside and patient is unable to make their own decisions. So I made a decision to call the physician and suggest the patient be placed on bipap. The patient was able to regain their saturation up to 95% on minimal settings and came off Bipap a few hours later. Which allowed the family time to arrive. Speaking to the charge nurse and another nurse they said to never place DNR patients on Bipap. Was suggesting Bipap to the physician pushing a DNR patient too much even if only for a few hours? IMO I feel that the decision was right as family had not yet made final plans like hospice yet for the patient it got the patient over the hump and gave his loved ones an opportunity to make a more informed decision about his care. Now I almost feel like I intervened in a natural death process.

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